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Piotr Prus

Android developer

I am an android developer with 5+ years of experience, addicted to new things. I love clean architecture and clean, simple designs. I am trying to create meaningful articles and speeches. Currently composing and KMMing all the things.

Take a look at Jetpack Glance

Jetpack Glance is the new shiny library in the Jetpack family for creating widgets. At first glance, it resembles a Jetpack Compose, but in many cases, it is really different. Learn those differences and create beautiful widgets easily.
During this talk, I will describe how the Jetpack Glance works, what are the differences between it and RemoteViews widgets. You will also learn why we still need some XMLs, how to manage the state, and periodic updates.

Create in compose: Custom Material Card with Slider

Jetpack compose offers a lot of ready-to-use material design components to speed up and simplify UI development. However, available composables cover the basic usage, these do not perfectly reflect the components that can be seen in the material guidelines. During this presentation, I will take an example from guidelines and implement it fully in Jetpack Compose. Topics covered: Implementation, Custom design, state management, testing.

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