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Alviere provides the most complete embedded finance platform available today, empowering the world’s most visible, trusted and beloved brands to offer financial services to their customers for the first time. Alviere’s easy, powerful, and future-proof platform and associated services allows any business to launch a new financial services line of business to dramatically increase profits, deepen customer relationships and insights, and increase satisfaction and retention. To find out how embedded financial products can take you into the next generation of profitable business, visit us at


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Fusing technology and talent, we’re developing the next generation of software systems for the BMW Group’s future driving machines. Fuelled by the principles of agile software development, we’ll use our freedom to think, disrupt and transform the way things are done. We’re clear about where we’re heading. We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about cars: from autonomous driving to electrification, from car sharing services to connectivity. Get ready for a journey like no other.



Bitrise enables developers to build - and operate - the best mobile apps possible. We do this by operating the world's most popular mobile continuous integration and delivery platform, but also by investing heavily into integrating with the tools, products and processes app developers know and love. Bitrise's step library currently counts over 300 of such integrations and is growing rapidly. We have offices in Budapest, London, Boston, Tokyo and San Francisco and have raised a combined $95M from YC, Open Ocean, Fiedler Capital, Partech, Zobito and Insight Partners. Today, many of the world's most demanding app-development processes are being automated through Bitrise, including those at Careem, Virgin Mobile, Buffer, Just Eat and tens of thousands of others.



Caixa Mágica Software is a leading Portuguese company in the Open Source market segments in Portugal. We provide various services, from specialized business consultancy, software project development and research and innovation. We have developed several projects with different implementation targets. We are actively involved with the Open Source communities, organizing a popular event in Lisbon and participating in several research projects funded by the European Union. Caixa Mágica maintains strong ties with the Portuguese public administration, participating in the development of middleware for the Portuguese Citizen Card system and extending the concept to standardization and compliance with other European systems. We also maintain a close connection with the Innovation and Research departments in various sectors, such as telecommunications and media, energy, mobile systems and cloud-based platforms to support manufacturing systems.

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Change Your Life. Remote Freelance Done Right.
Work wherever, forever. Work wherever you want for the world’s top companies, structure your day however you like, and always get paid on time. Join Toptal today. When you’re good at what you do, it’s worth it to find others at your level. At Toptal, we represent the top 3% of freelance talent in business, design, and technology.



Casana is a venture-backed start-up from Munich, Germany. Since 2021, we accelerate product building for high-growth companies by matching senior freelance developers with attractive opportunities within days. A greentech unicorn, a DAX company and a start-up against financial fraud are among our customers. All of them need many more lines of code to shape our future.


Gruppo SIGLA Srl is an Italian consultancy firm, part of the RELATECH group (Italy). With more than 80 experts and two business units (Industrial Automation and Digital Services), it provides IT solutions to customers, mostly large enterprises and global scale companies. The company is deeply involved in R&D innovation international projects, many funded by European Union. Here, it represents the EU CitySCAPE project consortium promoting cyber-security for multimodal transports scenarios through mobile (Android) digital services for passengers and PTOs staff.

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Community Partners

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