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Xavier F. Gouchet

Senior Software Engineer at Datadog

Xavier F. Gouchet is a Senior Software Engineer at Datadog, experienced public speaker, and proud father. Passionate about open source, testing and architecture, he has been dabbling in Android since the Cupcake days and has been working as a professional Android engineer since 2012.

Benchmarking your application

Back in 1974, Donald Knuth said that “premature optimization is the root of all evil (or at least most of it) in programming”. But optimization without benchmarks can be even worse than that. It’s like following a map without using a compass, and just following your instinct that you’re going in the right direction.

Whether it is during development or at runtime, many tools exist to let you measure the performance of your applications. These measures can then be used to prioritize which parts to optimize first, as well as measure the performances gained (or lost) after a refactoring.

How to write a safe and reliable Open Source Library

You’ve written some code, and you’d like to release it as Open Source. Congratulations!

Publishing an Open Source library goes beyond just releasing your code on Github. New users with different use cases means preparing for the unpredictable. How do you ensure your code is safe and efficient? Is your code easy to read? Do you have a plan for upgrades in the future?

This talk will look at best practices and showcase a checklist to follow when writing and publishing an Open Source Library, from the documentation to ensuring your library works as intended and doesn’t break applications using it.

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