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Seyed Jafari

Senior Software Engineer @ Revolut Ltd

I enjoy creating software and sharing my knowledge.

Android is my day-to-day but working on Python scripts, IOS apps, Desktop apps are also really interesting.

As a human being, I would love to help people out in any way possible.

Follow me on Twitter: @worldsnas
or check my blog:

Keyboard shortcuts in AS and beyond

We are wasting so much time every day just to find and grab our mouse and press one button.

Android Studio is so rich in shortcuts that if we put in the time and learn them we don't have to touch our mouse anymore.
In this session, I'll go through some of my most used shortcuts that can speed up your coding.
I also show how we can use plugins and tools to get even faster.

Bonus: there will be shortcuts for your OS too ;)

Let's write you a resume

A resume is a short representation of us. It has to reflect the best in us. I have reviewed many resumes and pinpointed the most common mistakes that people make on their resume.

In this talk, we will go through the process of resume creation and I show the best practices I have found useful in writing a good resume.

So whether you are considering applying for a new job or want to brush off the dirt from your resume, this talk is for you

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