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Rebecca Vieyra

Vieyra Software, Co-Founder, "Harnessing the power of mobile sensors and AR for STEM education, academic research, and industry."

Rebecca Vieyra is a coordinator of an international STEM teacher education network in the Americas. Formerly, she served as the K-12 Program Manager at the American Association of Physics Teachers, and is a prior high school physics teacher from Illinois. She earned National Board Teacher Certification in AYA/Science-Physics in 2010, was selected as Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2013, and served as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NASA HQ in 2014-2015. Rebecca is currently a doctoral student at the University of Maryland in science education, and is passionate about educational technology and science literacy. Rebecca resides in Washington, DC.

Mobile Sensors: Increasing Developers' Environmental Awareness

During this session, Android developer Chrystian Vieyra and physics educator Rebecca Vieyra will describe how developers can enhance mobile app development by connecting with environmental data through in-device sensors. Attendees will learn the basic operating principles for common sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, microphone, etc.) as well as development opportunities with newer sensors (Google ARCore, time-of-flight). Participants will also discuss how to retrieve, filter, and make meaning of data. Special attention will be afforded to comparing the use of raw data against Google’s custom APIs that use sensor fusion. The speakers will also provide a brief introduction to a special case scenario of mobile app sensor integration funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation–the incorporation of sensors into Google ARCore visualizations, such as the use of magnetometer data to display three-dimensional magnetic fields in real space.

Keywords: Sensors, Google ARCore

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