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Lena Stepanova

KMM Android Developer

Studied Economics at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, worked as Business Analyst and then fell in love with programming. Moved to Germany and received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at TU Dresden.

Has been creating Android apps for 3 years (mostly Native, some Flutter). Currently in a relationship with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in production: key takeaways from developing two cross-platform apps

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is a young promising technology, but is it there to stay? And is it worth trying out? This talk is based on the experience of developing two very different cross-platform apps with KMM. The goal of this talk is to introduce KMM, discuss the pitfalls that a new KMM developer may encounter and share some valuable tips that were collected along the way of KMM development: from preferable app architecture to team requirements.

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