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Florian Harr

Florian Harr, Staff Engineer@Betterment

Changing the world (for the better) one app at a time!

Florian has been developing mobile apps for more than 10 years. He still loves mobile development as much as ever, trying to make the world better one app at a time. Originally from Germany, he now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as a Mobile Staff Engineer at Betterment. Whenever he’s not coding, he enjoys running and hiking with his wife and dog.

Flutter 101: Anything you can do, I can do better

Google is pushing Flutter by throwing lots of resources behind it, making its their premier cross-platform product and claiming it has already overtaken React-Native. But what's with all the hype?
Let's explore some of the key facts around Flutter so you can join in the conversation and compare it to traditional native development in the most important aspects and let's look at some examples from devs that have already made the switch.

Is Flutter the Coke Zero of the mobile world?

It’s common for mobile teams to feel the strain of being under-resourced because of the need to maintain the same functionality of two codebases for your application. Without engineering time being spent coordinating feature development in both iOS and Android platforms, it’s easy to let the feature development get out of sync. What if there was a way to get a consistent cross-platform mobile experience without the extra engineering work? Flutter might just be the full flavor and zero sugar solution.

We’ll walk through some feature development patterns that existing companies are using which lend themselves nicely to a Flutter build. We’ll explore all the cost-saving benefits that Flutter provides while looking at real-world examples of Flutter features that require half the effort of their native counterparts.

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