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Diogo Júnior

Android Engineer at Critical TechWorks

I'm an engineer from FEUP that started working at Fraunhofer Portugal as scientist where I coordinated/managed/developed some national/european projects and oriented some students during their thesis.
Then I left the "science" world in 2014 and joined an international e-commerce company(Porto Tech Center) that is supported by the German giant Rocket Internet. During one year I helped the tech team evolving the used technologies/coding standards/platforms/services related with the Android app Kaymu.
After leaving the e-commerce business in 2016 and with the idea of getting new competences, I joined 7graus where I developed 5 Android apps with more than 1 billion downloads and where I developed also my app store optimization expertise.

Then joined Critical Tech Works and the automotive world in 2018 where the AOSP and the Android internals domination are part of my day-to-day tasks.

Android Automotive running on a BMW car

Are you interested about what happens before the onCreate and how the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is being leveraged by BMW to create the best infotainment in the world?

I'll give a basic overview about the Android framework and the basic architecture from HALs-> Platform Services -> Managers -> Apps so that Android app developers have a basic understanding about the entire structure and resources that support their app's execution.

During the session will give some details about the strategy that bmw is following to adapt the fantastic AOSP product to incorporate the BMW features and requirements related with the car infotainment - There are multiple confidential topics that are under an NDA and can only be disclosed in case you come work with us at Critical TechWorks ;)

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