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Danny Preussler

Android Engineer @ Soundcloud

Danny built mobile applications for companies like Viacom, Groupon, eBay and Alcatel. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin. Before there was Android he was already active in the Blackberry development community.

Testing yes, but how?

When people start looking into the testing domain, very similar questions arise:
What to test? And more important, what not? What should I mock? What should I test with unit tests and what with Instrumentation? Do I need Robolectric? When? Do we need an in-memory database?
Let’s look at some examples.

SoundCloud has a huge base of tests, unit, but also UI tests. For a 13y old codebase that is very important and a huge safety net for keeping the team working and onboard new developers. But we also learned what is working well and what should be done better.
The author is a huge fan of TDD and gave various testing and TDD sessions in the past. But it looks like some questions are still unanswered.

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