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Chris Ward

Android Engineering Manager, Nord Security

Chris started coding life as a full-stack developer and moved between all sorts of weird and wonderful disciplines and industries before he settled on Android. In addition to coding life, he's been an elected official in the UK, had a key role in legalising same-sex marriage in the UK through his LobbyALord app, and has addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on atrocities against LGBT+ people abroad. Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD, he taglines himself as Very Mentally Ill(TM) and writes/speaks about his experience of being diagnosed very late in life and how he deals with the unique challenges ADHD brings to an individual working in tech.

Coding and mental illness. A survival guide

Being a coder with mental health problems has very unique challenges, especially if you don't know you have them. After 8 years of medication for depression/anxiety, Chris got his diagnosis for ADHD at the age of 37 and the treatment changed his life. In an industry that is rife with imposter syndrome and where mental health "quirks" are often perceived as professional flaws or gaps in knowledge, Chris will share his experiences and give concrete helpful suggestions to overcome these challenges, as well as explaining to "neurotypical" people how they can be better allies.

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