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Inside the .git folder - Explore the mysterious depths

Benjamin Kadel

Join me as we go on a guided cave diving mission, to map out and understand the mysterious & confusing caverns that lie with the .git folder. The .git folder is a mystifying place that inhabits a dark corner in all of our projects & often remains completely unexplored. We will repel into the abyss and illuminate the files and folders that make up the structures below... Not only that but we will learn more about how git works under the hood by investigating the bizarre formations within the vast cave system...

Have you ever wondered about how Git cleverly stores your changes?
Have you ever wondered about those peculiar git plumbing commands?
Have you ever wondered about those odd hash string & the objects folder?

Our expedition will provide answers to all these and so much more...

So no matter what your level of understanding is with git, come along for the adventure of a lifetime, that will guarantee to bring a smile to your face & wisdom to your brain... I only ask that you bring your own harness, helmet & ropes and ensure you sign the safety waiver before arrival...

See you at Base Camp Git!

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