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Functional Programming in Kotlin for AndroidDevs

Hari Vignesh Jayapalan

This talk is anyone who is curious about functional programming and to understand how this is possible with Kotlin and how it enables us to write pure functions for our everyday Android chores.

The talk will start from the basics - understanding the functional programming paradigm with mathematical models, why we need it and how different it is from regular functions. We'll then do a postmortem of few default functions offered by Kotlin OOTB to grasp the basics. Then we'll cover something a bit intermediate - composing our own functions with some aesthetics (demo, yes!) with examples to also some advanced concepts like Currying. Finally, we'll end the talk with small quiz like for audience to find pure and impure functions written in Kotlin

The following talk is an amalgamation from my 4 part blog series -

The blogs were featured in Android editorials - Android Weekly issue 421, 412 etc.

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