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FlutterFlow - The New Era of Designing Apps

Kamal Shree

In this talk, you will find how low-code development platforms can help you accelerate your Design process at digital speed and build your idea insanely fast with FlutterFlow.

Most of App developers are stuck designing the apps instead of focusing on the functionality or the performance aspects. I would like to introduce FlutterFlow the new era of design apps in less time with no code and connect your app to backend services like Firebase &/or APIs.

FlutterFlow helps you build beautiful interfaces, Dynamic apps, User-generated Content Apps is 10x faster than traditional development. It is a Simple & Easy Drag & Drop Visual Builder, that's-not-all you can export the code directly to your GitHub Repository, and own your code.

The audience will discover the strength and utility of FlutterFlow when applied to real-world programming instances. The presentation will not only introduce what is latest, but it would also show when and where to use the tools when you design with FlutterFlow.

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