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Embedded typed NoSQL data persistence, everywhere

Salomon Brys

Embedded mobile data persistence has always been a complicated topic. For long, SQLite has been the only viable embedded database. We offer an alternative that's easier to learn, strongly typed, simpler to use, more flexible, and more in line with mobile application development architectures.
In this talk, we will introduce a new data persistence library for Kotlin/Multiplatform: an embedded typed NoSQL database with common Kotlin API available for multiple Kotlin targets such as Android through Kotlin/JVM and iOS through Kotlin/Native.
First, we will explore its data and ORM API, showing how can Kotlin data objects can be seamlessly stored and retrieved. Next, we will go into more details about how the library works and how you can embed your own custom logic. We will then demonstrate more advanced use cases, such as polymorphism and schema updates. Finally, we will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and future of the library.

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