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Being a Kotlin/Multiplatform mobile developer

Romain Boisselle

With each new release of Kotlin, JetBrains keep proving that they want to put Kotlin/Multiplatform into every developer's hands. But, is it ready to be used in production? Are the tools and libraries mature enough to help you be productive? To convince you, we will guide you through all the material and tools that we are using on our day to day job, using Kotlin/Multiplatform.

In mobile development, a common architecture of an application is to be able to retrieve data through some web services, (de)serialize data, manipulate and store data, display that data and receive actions from our users. With the fast evolution of Kotlin/Multiplatform, this is almost everything we need to create efficient shared and well tested business code. We will be walking together through the different tools we use daily to meet our client requirements, and build smooth native mobile applications. Most of the time, to create such applications, we do not want to reinvent the wheel, sometimes we have to bring our own wheels to move forward, but you will see that the experience and result is totally worth it!

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