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Accelerating native mobile development at Talkdesk with KMM

Filipe Baptista

How to deliver new apps fast?

This is probably one of the most heard questions in mobile development. There are no magical recipes, but luckily nowadays in the mobile world we have tools that help achieve this goal without compromising a fully native experience.

This talk will be a brief overview of our journey in the KMM world, considering the following topics:
- How the development of shared code approach for mobile apps fits in our business case;
- What we were able to share between the two platforms;
- How a single source of ‘truth’ can give more reliability, allied with a strong test coverage over the domain aspect of the App (avoiding divergences in the platforms);
- Some of the challenges we had during this journey, including the platform specific UI and UX (Compose, SwiftUI) and concurrency model.

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