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A new life for an old phone

Goce Anastasovski

We live in an era where every 12 months a new shiny flagship phone is released with fancy OS features and (slightly?) better hardware. In this day and age the average lifetime of a shiny new phone is 2 years. What happens to your old phone at the end of the 2 years? Does it go to Android heaven or does it end up collecting dust inside a dark drawer? With a little bit of creativity and hard work we found a new purpose in life for our old phones and gave them a reason to continue living - turn them into a surveillance camera! We built an app that streams live video from one phone’s camera to another using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), a free open source technology developed by Google. Unlike many conference talks that solve problems with CRUD systems, here we will talk about an omnipresent technology in the current remote work era and show you how you can use it to build a video streaming system. By the end of the talk you will be familiar with how WebRTC works and be ready to build a new video streaming app.

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